Photo: Hochschule Heilbronn/Martin Wiesner

The Bildungscam­pus Heil­bronn is the central venue for the conference.

The venue of the confer­ence will be the premis­es of Heil­bronn Univer­si­ty on the Bildungscam­pus. The address of the confer­ence venue is:

Heil­bronn Univer­si­ty
Bildungscam­pus Nord
Gebäude T / Nr. 14
74076 Heil­bronn

Space will be avail­able for use in six campus buildings:

  • T / 14, S / 17, R / 15, N / 12
  • AULA / 6
  • FORUM / 1

All rooms feature modern presen­ta­tion tech­nol­o­gy, are air-conditioned and barrier-free accessible.

Photo: Hochschule Heilbronn/Saskia Koch

Special program items such as the open­ing event or the inter­na­tion­al keynotes will take place in the central AULA. In addi­tion to the rooms for the scien­tif­ic sessions of the confer­ence, dedi­cat­ed work­shop rooms, presen­ta­tion areas for indus­try part­ners or spon­sors are also available. 

Complet­ing the campus space is the LIV Library, locat­ed on campus, with its award-winning architecture.


Depic­tion: Schwarz Campus Service

The Bildungscam­pus is central­ly locat­ed in down­town Heil­bronn. The main train station is a 15-minute walk away. The stops of the city buses (Europaplatz, Soleo indoor swim­ming pool) and subur­ban trains (Sülmer­tor, Tech­ni­cal School Center, theater) are only a few minutes’ walk away. The confer­ence tick­et includes the use of public transport for the Heilbronn region. If you should still arrive by car, the park­ing garages Bildungscam­pus Ost and Mitte are avail­able 24 hours a day.

Please enter Weipert­straße 51 into your navi­ga­tion system.