N: Campus, Totale

Entrance to the canteen at the Bildungscam­pus.Photo: Roland Halbe

The canteen is very central­ly locat­ed “under the green hill” in the Bildungscampus 8 and is oper­at­ed by the Heidel­berg Student Union. The court­yard provides plen­ty of natur­al daylight and also offers shel­tered outdoor seating. 

UG1: Mensa

Inte­ri­or view of the canteen at the Bildungscam­pus. Photo: Roland Halbe

Lunch can be indi­vid­u­al­ly arranged from a daily chang­ing selec­tion of differ­ent main dish­es and side dish­es. Salads, soups and desserts round out the offerings. In the after­noons, the dining hall is avail­able to students as a learning room.

S: Campus, Totale

The canteen at the Bildungscam­pus in the evening light. Photo: Roland Halbe

Not far from the entrance to the canteen is a café. It is locat­ed on the first floor of the Bildungscampus 13 build­ing with indoor and outdoor seat­ing. For break­fast or a break in between, the café offers a vari­ety of baked goods and snacks, as well as cold and hot beverages.