Human Factors in Health Sciences

People are one of the most impor­tant factors in the field of health sciences. Every day, people work with a wide vari­ety of systems (e.g. hospi­tal infor­ma­tion systems, drug infor­ma­tion systems, ultra­sound equip­ment, …). These systems (soft­ware and hard­ware) must be designed and devel­oped in such a way that users can use them opti­mal­ly. The topics usabil­i­ty, UX, user inter­faces and inter­ac­tion tech­nolo­gies play an impor­tant role. The topic “Human Factors in Health Sciences” is a cross-sectional topic that affects many work­ing and project groups in the GMDS. Contri­bu­tions to this topic can come from the follow­ing areas, for example:

  • Eval­u­a­tions and empir­i­cal stud­ies on the intro­duc­tion of new oper­at­ing concepts and user interfaces
  • User and context analyses
  • Inter­ac­tive systems / visu­al­iza­tions / inter­ac­tion concepts (e.g. gesture control, BCI)
  • Mobile devices (e.g. data glass­es, smartphones)
  • New inter­ac­tion tech­nolo­gies (e.g. AR / MR / VR)