Sustain­able Tech­ni­cal Systems in Healthcare

The success­ful and sustain­able digi­ti­za­tion of health­care can only be achieved with secure and trust­wor­thy tech­ni­cal systems. Whether to ensure medical care, improve patient treat­ment or protect sensi­tive patient data, IT secu­ri­ty is always the neces­sary foundation.

The regu­lar occur­rence of secu­ri­ty inci­dents (e.g., ransomware attacks on clin­ics or inse­cure health­care apps) shows that the high demands placed on IT secu­ri­ty in the medical envi­ron­ment are not yet being met. For this reason, GMDS 2023 is intend­ed to provide a plat­form for dialog and network­ing, so that IT secu­ri­ty can be sustain­ably consid­ered from the outset in the devel­op­ment and oper­a­tion of tech­ni­cal systems in the health­care sector.

With this themat­ic focus, we would like to cordial­ly invite all those inter­est­ed in secu­ri­ty to make the latest find­ings from research and prac­tice more visi­ble through their contributions.