Tuto­r­i­al offers

Vari­ous tuto­r­i­al offer­ings will take place on Sunday, Septem­ber 17 and Thurs­day, Septem­ber 21, 2023. These will be sched­uled as part of the final program planning.

Tuto­ri­als are subject to a fee for partic­i­pants. Partic­i­pa­tion is only possi­ble after prior regis­tra­tion. Regis­tra­tion for the tuto­ri­als — like regis­tra­tion for the annu­al confer­ence — takes place via the Online Registry system.

The follow­ing overviews of tuto­r­i­al offer­ings repre­sent the plan­ning status as of Janu­ary 31, 2023; subject to change.

Tuto­ri­als: Sonntag, 17. Septem­ber 2023

T01ART-DECOR Release 3: schneller und kollaborativer zu Interoperabilitäts-Lösungen9–13 UhrDeutschKai U. Heitmanninfo [at] kheitmann.de
T02Causal Inference in Biostatistics and Epidemiology: DAGs, g-Methods and Target Trial Emulation – A Tutorial for Researchers and Educators9–13 UhrEnglischFelic­i­tas Kühne
Uwe Siebert
felicitas.kuehne [at] umit-tirol.at
T03Best Evidence Education und Instruktionsdesign9–13 UhrDeutschCord Spreck­elsencord.spreckelsen [at] med.uni-jena.de
T04Showing and Evaluating Our Safari to FAIR9–13 UhrEnglischEsther Inau
Lea Michaelis
inaue [at] uni-greifswald.de
T05RShiny - An introduction into RShiny-App programming14–18 UhrEnglischKarma Tarapkarma.tarap [at] bms.com
T06SMART on FHIR - Sichere Zukunft der digitalen Medizin?14–18 UhrDeutschMaxi­m­il­ian Westers
Andreas Mayer
maximilian.westers [at] hs-heilbronn.de
T07AUCMEDI: Automatische Klassifizierung von Medizinischen Bildern14–18 UhrDeutschDominik Müller
Dennis Hartmann
dominik.mueller [at] informatik.uni-augsburg.de
T08Hands-on! - Creating Process Plugins for the Data Sharing Framework9–18 UhrEnglischHauke Hund
Reto Wettstein
hauke.hund [at] hs-heilbronn.de
T09Hands-on! - Einführung in das Data Sharing Framework aus Anwenderperspektive9–18 UhrDeutschMaxi­m­il­ian Kurscheidt
Simon Tobias Schweizer
maximilian.kurscheidt [at] hs-heilbronn.de
T20Einführung in SAS für Anfänger ohne oder mit geringen Vorkenntnissen9–18 UhrDeutschMichael Nonnemach­ermichael.nonnemacher [at] uk-essen.de

The infor­ma­tion is with­out guar­an­tee; the orga­niz­ing team reserves the right to cancel tuto­ri­als if they have too low a number of participants. 

Tuto­ri­als: Donner­stag, 21. Septem­ber 2023

T10FAIR data management tools in biomedical research9–13 UhrEnglischUlrich Sax
Harald Kusch
ulrich.sax [at] med.uni-goettingen.de
T11Visualisierung von Daten und statistischen Ergebnissen. "Eine gute Abbildung erspart 300 Worte"9–13 UhrDeutschAndreas Stangimibe.dir [at] uk-essen.de
T12Sampling Design & Analysis9–13 UhrEnglischRobin Denzdenz [at] amib.ruhr-uni-bochum.de
T13Efficient metadata setup for automated data quality assessments9–13 UhrEnglischCarsten O. Schmidt
Stephan Struckmann
Joany Marino
Elisa Kasbohm
carsten.schmidt [at] uni-greifswald.de
T14CDS Hooks and DMN - a practical approach9–13 UhrEnglischStefan Sigle
Felix Edel
stefan.sigle [at] molit.eu
T15FAIRifizierung von Studiendaten in klinischer und epidemiologischer Forschung - NFDI4Health Tutorial14–18 UhrEnglischJuliane Fluck
Jens Dierkes
Julia Fürst
Flori­an Schwarz
fluck [at] zbmed.de
T16Comparing methods using real and simulated data: challenges and best practices14–18 UhrEnglischMoritz Herrmann
Anne-Laure Boulesteix
moritzherr.uni [at] googlemail.com
boulesteix [at] ibe.med.uni-muenchen
T17Wie kann durch bessere User Experience der Forschungsprozess verbessert werden?9–18 UhrDE / ENNora Sagel
Nora Stark
nora.sagel [at] honic.eu
T18Das Reifegradmodell für Register - Nutzen für Aufbau und Betrieb9–18 UhrDeutschAnna Niemey­er
Tanja Kostuj
anna.niemeyer [at] tmf-ev.de
T19Analysis of Compositional Microbiome Data9–18 UhrEnglischSven Kleine Bardenhorst
Nicole Rübsamen
kleine­ba [at] uni-muenster.de
T21Vokabular Management - Grundlagen und Anwendung mit FHIR14–18 UhrDeutschFrank Oemigfrank [at] oemig.de

The infor­ma­tion is with­out guar­an­tee; the orga­niz­ing team reserves the right to cancel tuto­ri­als if they have too low a number of participants. 

Call For Tutorials

The confer­ence orga­niz­ing team invites submis­sions of half-day or full-day tuto­ri­als. This format offers partic­i­pants the oppor­tu­ni­ty to share prac­ti­cal knowl­edge, as well as best prac­tices and solu­tions. Tuto­ri­als should be as inter­ac­tive and hands-on as possi­ble, very much includ­ing (“hands-on”) in-class exer­cis­es. We partic­u­lar­ly welcome appli­ca­tions for English-language tuto­ri­als, in order to be able to offer inter­na­tion­al guests a special incen­tive to attend the annu­al meeting.

The topics of the tuto­ri­als can be based on the main topics of the meet­ing or on the method­olog­i­cal focus of GMDS groups. Each tuto­r­i­al submis­sion will be reviewed by the head of the SPC and the local orga­niz­ing team, and will be checked for tech­ni­cal qual­i­ty, rele­vance, as well as attrac­tive­ness for the annu­al meeting.

Tuto­ri­als are subject to a fee for partic­i­pants. Partic­i­pa­tion is only possi­ble after prior regis­tra­tion. The orga­ni­za­tion team reserves the right to cancel tuto­ri­als that have too few registrations.

Speak­ers of tuto­ri­als (max. 2 persons) will receive a trav­el allowance, i.e. a Deutsche Bahn tick­et 2nd class, max. 500 Euro, as well as a season tick­et for the visit of the 68th Annu­al Meet­ing. The confer­ence tick­et includes access to all scien­tif­ic sessions, keynotes and work­shops, as well as the city recep­tion at the Science Center experimenta. The season tick­et includes free use of the local public trans­port system for the entire dura­tion of the annu­al conference.

Friday 19/08/2022

Friday 18/11/2022

Tues­day 13/12/2022

CfT-Dokument (German only)


Call for Tuto­ri­als published

Dead­line for submis­sion of tutorials

Noti­fi­ca­tion about tuto­r­i­al acceptance

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This docu­ment contains further infor­ma­tion about the confer­ence and the submis­sion process via https://access.online-registry.net/gmds2023/.

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