Young scien­tists programs

For GMDS Young Members and Young Scien­tists, the Presidential Commission for the Promotion of Young Scientists (PK Nach­wuchs) and the Organizing Team (LOC) would like to offer special incen­tives for participation.

Photos by: Wonderlane on Unsplash (left), and: Naassom Azevedo auf Pixabay (right)

Session Tandems

For the sessions of the annu­al meet­ing in Heil­bronn, we would like to estab­lish tandems for the chairs again. This means that the session chair will be held joint­ly by a junior and a senior member of the GMDS. In this way, we would like to moti­vate you young scien­tists to get a taste of the scien­tif­ic activ­i­ties at a GMDS annu­al meet­ing under the super­vi­sion of an expe­ri­enced GMDS member and to get direct­ly involved. At the same time, you will bene­fit from a stronger inte­gra­tion into the GMDS community.

We here­by invite all young members attend­ing the upcom­ing GMDS Annu­al Meet­ing in Heil­bronn to take advan­tage of this oppor­tu­ni­ty and sign up as a co-chair!

As soon as confer­ence regis­tra­tion is open, you can regis­ter direct­ly via the Online Registry system as a session chair, includ­ing spec­i­fy­ing your desired area of expertise.

We’ll keep you post­ed here!

Summer School

For the first time, the PK Nach­wuchs orga­nizes a Summer School as a pre-program of the annu­al meet­ing. The Summer School will take place on 16 and 17 Septem­ber 2023 in Heil­bronn at the Bildungscampus.

Detailed information and programme of the Summer School.