T05 – RShi­ny – an intro­duc­tion into RShiny-App programming

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Sonn­tag­nach­mit­tag, 14–18 Uhr, 4h

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This tuto­ri­al will give an intro­duc­tion how to build up simp­le Rshi­ny apps from R. Contents will be: – Intro­duc­tion into the R packa­ges needed to built an Rshi­ny app – How to program an easy app – How to run an Rshi­ny app – Over­view of the built in input widgets – How to make tables and plots reac­ti­ve – How to make tables and plots inter­ac­ti­ve The programming of the app will be explai­ned using an exis­ting exam­p­le. Requi­re­ments are basic know­ledge in R programming to be able to follow the explanations.


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