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We would like to recom­mend that you secure accom­mo­da­tion for your stay in Heil­bronn in a time­ly manner. To make your deci­sion a little easi­er, we have put togeth­er hotels and accom­mo­da­tions that are close to the Bildungscampus or easi­ly acces­si­ble by public trans­port. With your confer­ence tick­et you can use all buses and trams of the local transport asso­ci­a­tion (HNV). A hotel in near­by cities such as Neckar­sulm, Bad Friedrichshall, Weins­berg, Lauf­fen am Neckar, Bad Wimpfen etc. may also be suit­able for you.

In sever­al cases, we were able to arrange special contin­gents for our guests. This addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion can be found in the overview. These hotels are placed in the upper part of the table and corre­spond­ing addi­tion­al infor­ma­tion is noted in the overview for you. 

The prices shown are for one night for one person in a single room. Please contact the providers or the usual portals direct­ly for a book­ing. Please also ask the providers for the respec­tive­ly valid cancel­la­tion condi­tions. For the retrieval batch, please use the keyword GMDS2023.

The city of Heil­bronn also provides a list of accommodation. It contains accom­mo­da­tion direct­ly in Heil­bronn and the surround­ing area.

The infor­ma­tion is with­out guar­an­tee; the current prices of the accom­mo­da­tions apply. Status of the follow­ing table March 2022.

Hotel Address Contact Price single room in the contin­gent Special Options
B&B Hotel Heilbronn Mozart­straße 24 74072 Heilbronn Tel. +49 (0)7131 74960 E‑Mail: 71,50€ incl. breakfast Contin­gent blocked until 6.8.2023
Best Western am Kastell Kastell­straße 64 74080 HN-Böckingen Tel. +49 (0)7131 913310 E‑Mail: 109€ Conti­gent valid until 20.8.2023, 12:00.
HARBR. hotel Heilbronn Im Zukun­ftspark 12 74076 Heilbronn Tel. +49 (0)7131 7242460 E‑Mail: 99€ incl. breakfast Room requests in writ­ing, room blocked until 17.8.2023
HOGH Hotel Heilbronn Jakob­gasse 9 74072 Heilbronn +49 (0) 07131 6560 E‑Mail: 75€ incl. break­fast (Mon.-Thurs.) 59€ incl. break­fast (Fri.-Sun.) Conti­gent valid 8 weeks before arrival.
Hotel Arkade am Theater Weins­berg­er Straße 29 74072 Heilbronn Tel. +49 (0)7131 95600 E‑Mail: 80€ incl. break­fast in single room 90€ incl. break­fast in a double room (as single occupancy) Conti­gent blocked until 31.7.23
nestor Hotel Neckarsulm Sulm­straße 2 74172 Neckarsulm Tel. +49 (0)7132 3880 E‑Mail: 89€ incl. breakfast Contin­gent blocked until 17.8.23
Stadthotel Heilbronn Neckar­sul­mer Straße 36 74076 Heilbronn Tel. 07131 95220 E‑Mail: 75–94€ Contin­gent valid until 2 months before the meeting.
ibis Heilbronn City
Bahn­hof­s­traße 5 74072 Heilbronn Tel. +49 (0)7131 59440 E‑Mail: 100€ incl. break­fast in a single room Contin­gent blocked until 30.6.23
Besenwirtschaft und Gästezimmer Bauer Spitzwegstraße 15/1 – 17 74081 Heilbronn-Sontheim Tel. +49 (0)7131 570374 E‑Mail:
Heilbronner Hotel am schönen Theater Weins­berg­er­straße 22 74072 Heilbronn Tel. +49 (0)7131 7244570 E‑Mail:
Hotel Altes Theater Heilbronn Lauf­fen­er Straße 2 74081 Heilbronn Tel. +49 (0)7131 59220 E‑Mail:
Hotel Newton Heilbronn Moltkestraße 52 74076 Heilbronn Tele­fon: +49 (0)7131 6168910 E‑Mail:
Hotel Urbanus Urbanstraße 13 74072 Heilbronn Tel. +49 (0)7131 991710 E‑Mail:
insel-hotel Heilbronn Willy-Mayer-Brücke 74072 Heilbronn Tel. +40 (0)7131 6300 E‑Mail: