Wissenschaft Nah am Menschen

Under the motto Science. Close to People, the 68th GMDS Annu­al Confer­ence will take place from 17.–21.9.2023 on the Bildungscam­pus in the city of Heil­bronn. You are cordial­ly invit­ed to attend!

The mani­fold scien­tif­ic activ­i­ties of the GMDS and its members aim to contribute direct­ly or indi­rect­ly to the main­te­nance or restora­tion of human health. Take the oppor­tu­ni­ty to present current research results to a broad profes­sion­al public and to discuss them inten­sive­ly! Since inter­dis­ci­pli­nar­i­ty is a partic­u­lar strength of the GMDS, inter­dis­ci­pli­nary and inter­dis­ci­pli­nary contri­bu­tions of any kind are espe­cial­ly welcome.

The main topics of the confer­ence are

In addi­tion, contri­bu­tions to any GMDS topic are welcome. 

The program includes inter­na­tion­al keynotes, panel discus­sions on current topics, lectures, tuto­ri­als, work­shops, poster sessions, system demon­stra­tions and an indus­try exhi­bi­tion. German and English language contri­bu­tions are welcome.

We would be very pleased to welcome you person­al­ly in Heil­bronn in September.

The members of the Scien­tif­ic Program Commit­tee (SPC)

Submis­sion & Contri­bu­tion Types

The GMDS Annu­al Meet­ing offers sever­al contribution types.

Submis­sions will be made through the confer­ence submis­sion plat­form (Online Registry).

The dead­line for full papers is 31-03-2023. For Abstracts, Work­shops, Panels and other Special Format the dead­line is set to 30-04-2023. All impor­tant dates can be found on schedule.

This is how you proceed:

  1. Regis­ter on the plat­form or log in with the user ID and pass­word you know.
  2. Click Start — Paper Submis­sions.
  3. Select an appro­pri­ate theme and topic.
  4. Under submis­sion type, select the appro­pri­ate entry in the list. 
  5. Fill in the manda­to­ry fields title and select the language.
  6. Laden Sie unter Datei(en) das ausge­füllte Formu­lar hoch.
    1. The iosPress publish­ing house provides a template for Word.
    2. The form for special formats and work­ing group meet­ings can be down­loaded here.
  7. Impor­tant: The text in the box abstract corre­sponds to the text that will be published in the confer­ence program. Make a corre­spond­ing entry here.
  8. Declare poten­tial conflicts of inter­est and ethics vote disclosures.
  9. Click on Upload and contin­ue with step 2 to proceed.
  10. After a final check in step 3, you can complete the submission.

In case of tech­ni­cal diffi­cul­ties or other queries, contact the LOC at the follow­ing mail address: loc@gmds2023.de.

Special Formats

Special formats include work­ing group meet­ings, project groups, task forces, steer­ing commit­tee and tech­ni­cal commit­tee meet­ings, as well as work­shops, discus­sion panels, BarCamps or other formats.

These submis­sions are reviewed by the respec­tive depart­ment heads. The process is kept lean; quick feed­back on accep­tance is sought.

Special formats are also record­ed via the Online Registry. You can down­load the form for this here.