On the river Neckar in Heilbronn’s city center. Photo: Heil­bronn Market­ing GmbH/Christoph Düpper

Much of the city revolves around the second longest river in Baden-Württemberg, which rises in Villingen-Schwennigen and stretch­es all the way to Mannheim. The Neckar is where the leisure program takes place. In terms of sports, the Neckar river­bank is the focus. Inline skaters and cyclists use the Neckar Valley Cycle Path, while pedal boats, excur­sion boats, stand-up paddlers and rowers conquer the river next door. Gastro­nom­i­cal­ly, the popu­lar Neckarmeile offers a vari­ety of culi­nary delights, with some­thing for every taste.

View from a vine­yard above the city. Photo: Heil­bronn Market­ing GmbH/Maya Braun

Wine has been grown here for more than 1255 years, making Heil­bronn the oldest wine town in Würt­tem­berg. The famous Wine Panorama Trail is not only a large open-air muse­um about wine­grow­ing in Heil­bronn. The 6 km long route leads along the Heil­bronn Wart­berg and offers again and again a fantas­tic panoram­ic view of the city. In the spring and summer months, Heil­bronn wine is regu­lar­ly served at a Wengerthäusle.

Tip: Start trav­el­ing already on Satur­day or Sunday to expe­ri­ence the clos­ing of the Heilbronn Wine Village.


The Käthchen of Heil­bronn as sculp­ture by Dieter Läpple. Photo: Heil­bronn Market­ing GmbH/Jürgen Häffner

The drama in five acts by Hein­rich Kleist made Heil­bronn the Käthchenstadt. Even today, the Käthchen can be discov­ered in the cityscape, for exam­ple near the Marra­haus not far from the Neckar. Start­ing in 1970, the Käthchen was “redis­cov­ered” as an ambas­sador for the city. Since then, every two years three Heil­bronn women are elect­ed Käthchen, who repre­sent the city on vari­ous occa­sions at home and abroad.

Tip: Ask in the bakeries of the city for a sweet “Käthchen­zöpfle”.