Joint Presen­ta­tions Biom­e­try | CEN 2023

This year, we offer the possi­bil­i­ty to submit abstracts regard­ing biosta­tis­tics for joint presen­ta­tions at the CEN 2023 Konferenz in Basel and the GMDS 2023 confer­ence in Heilbronn.


From Basel on the Rhine across the Neckar to Heil­bronn, scien­tists could come direct­ly from CEN to GMDS.
Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

Abstracts and presen­ta­tions submit­ted to GMDS confer­ence 2023 should focus and give detailed insights on the appli­ca­tion of the method­ol­o­gy. The method­ol­o­gy should be explained high-level and brief, as this is the focus for the presen­ta­tion at CEN2023 confer­ence. Those joint presen­ta­tions offer the possi­bil­i­ty to present a topic at two confer­ences with two differ­ent focus­es. Both presen­ta­tions comple­ment each other, but should also be under­stand­able on its own. Abstracts submit­ted should clear­ly state that this is a joint presen­ta­tion with CEN2023 confer­ence. The joint presen­ta­tions will be labelled specif­i­cal­ly in the program.