Discov­er Heil­bronn during city tours and wine tastings

In order to show our guests of the 68th GMDS Annu­al Meet­ing not only the educa­tion­al campus, exper­i­men­ta (at the evening recep­tion) and Harmonie (at the social evening), but also to provide an authen­tic insight into Heil­bronn and its inhab­i­tants, we will offer vari­ous city tours as well as relaxed strolling wine tast­ings during the confer­ence. Note: The tours are conduct­ed in German language

Expe­ri­ence Heil­bronn in a vari­ety of ways

City­tour: City histo­ry Heilbronn 

Expe­ri­ence the sights of Heilbronn’s city center in one tour and immerse your­self in the living histo­ry of the city. Discov­er the Kilian­skirche church, for exam­ple. With its west tower by Hans Schwein­er, it is one of the most impor­tant Renais­sance build­ings north of the Alps. Its high altar by Hans Seyfer from 1498 is consid­ered a master­piece of carv­ing in the German late Goth­ic peri­od. But also many other sights such as the historic town hall with its astro­nom­i­cal art clock by Isaak Habrecht, the pulsat­ing Neckarmeile or the Heil­bronn towers are the subject of this clas­si­cal city tour. Cost: 5 €

Towers tell history 

Immerse your­self in Heilbronn’s histo­ry with the best view: Climb the Hafen­mark­t­turm or the Götzen­turm. There you will not only learn a lot of inter­est­ing facts about Heil­bronn and its most impor­tant towers, but also get to know the city from very differ­ent perspec­tives. Cost: 5 €

Heil­bron­ner Neckar­bo­gen — Urban development 

Take a walk around the site to find out how the inno­v­a­tive urban devel­op­ment projects are progress­ing and how much new recre­ation­al space has been creat­ed. Cost: 5 €

Side­track wine tasting

You will stroll through the city center, stop­ping at select­ed hotspots, tast­ing Heil­bronn wines and being guid­ed through Heilbronn’s histo­ry and wine culture with your glass in hand. / 3 wine tast­ing includ­ing glass Cost: 15 €

The follow­ing dates are available:

Time Monday, 18.9. Tues­day, 19.9. Wednes­day, 20.9.
10−11.30 City Tour and Neckarbogen Towers tell history  Neckar­bo­gen
11−12.30 Towers tell history  Neckar­bo­gen City-Tour
15−16.30 City-Tour Towers tell history 
16–18 Side­track wine tasting Side­track wine tasting Side­track wine tasting

We hope that Heil­bronn will give you posi­tive impressions.