Vari­ety of tuto­ri­als for further education

The 68th GMDS Annu­al Confer­ence awaits partic­i­pants with an exten­sive programme that includes a vari­ety of special­ist formats, including:

  • Keynotes,
  • Talks,
  • Poster sessions and
  • Work­shops.

In addi­tion, there are over 20 tuto­ri­als to choose from, each of which will take place either on Sunday, 17 Septem­ber or on Thurs­day, 21 Septem­ber. These tuto­ri­als offer an addi­tion­al oppor­tu­ni­ty for further educa­tion besides the confer­ence programme.

There are both half-day and full-day tuto­ri­als. The half-day tuto­ri­als are avail­able at a price of 60 euros (Early Bird) or 80 euros (regu­lar). They offer an inten­sive learn­ing expe­ri­ence and cover differ­ent subject areas. Partic­i­pants can acquire specif­ic knowl­edge in a short time.

For those who want a more compre­hen­sive learn­ing programme, full-day tuto­ri­als are avail­able. These offer a more in-depth look at a partic­u­lar topic and allow for a more thor­ough exam­i­na­tion of it. The price for a full-day tuto­r­i­al is 120 euros (Early Bird) or 140 euros (Regu­lar).

Detailed infor­ma­tion on the indi­vid­ual topics, times, scope and lectur­ers can be found on our home­page at Please consid­er the profes­sion­al and tech­ni­cal require­ments for a tuto­r­i­al to ensure that the select­ed tuto­r­i­al meets your needs and expectations.

Tip: If a tuto­r­i­al on Sunday fits in with your train­ing topics, you can round off the day in the Heil­bronn Wine Village. Feel free to visit the Heil­bronn Wine Village website for more infor­ma­tion: