Angebote für individuelle Bedürfnisse

Offers for indi­vid­ual needs

Offers for indi­vid­ual needs To enable you to attend the 68th GMDS Annu­al Confer­ence as unen­cum­bered as possi­ble, we offer the follow­ing solu­tions for indi­vid­ual needs. Child­care We also have a special programme for the very young junior scien­tists! If you need child­care, please let us know your needs. We will then contact you to clar­i­fy the


Discov­er Heilbronn

What does the city of Heil­bronn, the meet­ing venue have to offer?  A few impres­sions and facts about Heil­bronn, the Bildungscam­pus, as well as Life & Culture we have already compiled on the website. On Youtube there is also an image film of the city.