Offers for indi­vid­ual needs

To enable you to attend the 68th GMDS Annu­al Confer­ence as unen­cum­bered as possi­ble, we offer the follow­ing solu­tions for indi­vid­ual needs.


We also have a special programme for the very young junior scien­tists! If you need child­care, please let us know your needs. We will then contact you to clar­i­fy the details. Please note that we may not be able to consid­er requests after 30 June.

Support for hear­ing impairments

Please let us know if you need assis­tance with induc­tive listen­ing devices or sign language inter­preters. We will contact you to coor­di­nate your exact needs. Please note that requests may not be accept­ed after 30 June.

Special nutri­tion needs

We already offer vege­tar­i­an and vegan meals. If you have other special dietary needs, you can indi­cate them here. We will then get in touch with you.

In addi­tion, all of our event rooms are fully barrier-free.

Feel free to contact us at