Organ­i­sa­tion­al infor­ma­tion on lectures and poster sessions

Infor­ma­tion for speakers

Time limit

Each presen­ta­tion session will be moder­at­ed by one to two session chairs and will — as a rule — comprise 6 presen­ta­tions. A time span of 15 minutes is allot­ted for each presen­ta­tion. The presen­ta­tion itself should last about 12 minutes to allow suffi­cient time for the subse­quent discus­sion. The chairs are respon­si­ble for time manage­ment. You can find the allo­ca­tion of your presen­ta­tion to a presen­ta­tion session in the confer­ence programme on the confer­ence website or in the online registry.


Foto: Harvard-Raum auf dem Bildungscam­pus (Copy­right HHN)

Tech­ni­cal equipment

A full HD projec­tor in 16:9 format, a confer­ence laptop and a micro­phone are avail­able in each lecture room. In addi­tion, a laser point­er and a mouse are available.

The confer­ence laptop is equipped with a web brows­er, a PDF view­er and Libre Office. Please note that Microsoft Office is not installed on the confer­ence laptops.


In order to ensure that every­thing runs smooth­ly, we ask all speak­ers to hand in their presen­ta­tion at least 2 hours before the start of their presen­ta­tion at the speak­ers’ office (room and open­ing hours will be announced later). The presen­ta­tions will be trans­mit­ted by the confer­ence team on the confer­ence laptops provid­ed in order to avoid possi­ble tech­ni­cal prob­lems during the presentation.

Please bring your presen­ta­tion on a USB stick and make sure that all fonts are embed­ded in the PDF/Libre Office docu­ment. The USB stick should contain all the neces­sary mate­ri­als for the presen­ta­tion to work offline.

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, prior online submis­sion of the presen­ta­tion is not possi­ble. Each presen­ter must there­fore appear in person at the Speaker’s Office with a USB stick in order to ensure correct allo­ca­tion and a smooth tech­ni­cal process.

Language of presentation

The GMDS would like to become more inter­na­tion­al. There­fore, some session titles in the programme are delib­er­ate­ly writ­ten in English. This makes it clear in the programme which sessions are poten­tial­ly suit­able for inter­na­tion­al guests with­out suffi­cient knowl­edge of German. If there are no inter­na­tion­al guests at a session, the presen­ta­tions of a session can of course all be held in German if required.

Poster Session Information

Time limit

All accept­ed posters will be present­ed during a poster session in the library, moder­at­ed by one or two chairs. The session is — as a rule — planned for a maxi­mum of 6 posters. Each presen­ta­tion should have a dura­tion of 3 to 5 minutes, so that the poster session lasts about 1 hour. The chairs are ulti­mate­ly respon­si­ble for time management.

The assign­ment of your poster to a poster session can be found in the confer­ence programme on the confer­ence website or in the online registry.

LIV Arbeitsplätze der Lernwelt / Copyright LIV

Foto: Biblio­thek LIV (Copy­right LIV)


Please bring your print­ed poster in DIN A0 format (portrait) with you. You have the option of either hand­ing in the poster at the service desk (room and open­ing hours to be announced) in the LIV to have it hung up by the confer­ence team, or you can hang it up your­self. Fixing mate­r­i­al for the posters will be provided.

All posters will be displayed in our library LIV (Build­ing R, No. 15) and can be viewed at any time by all visi­tors of LIV and by all partic­i­pants of the annu­al conference.